Final: Still Life

I actually happened on this photo a little by accident. I was trying to make another perfume bottle I had that has a pearlescent finish work for me but it wasn’t cutting it as the effect wasn’t really showing up on camera. I tried a bunch of things to make it work including changing the background and lighting but it still wasn’t satisfying. I changed out my background again and thought “well let’s try some gold and see what happens” and this is what came of it. I was hesitant to use this bottle because the cap didn’t really match the background all that well but it really emphasized the aesthetic and story I was going for in this shoot. Overall, I was really pleased with how this turned out.

Assignment #3: Repeat Photography

For this assignment, I thought it would be cool to do some repeat photography of old photos of Pocatello, more specifically, Old Town. I decided to do black and white to reflect the original coloring of the photos. This was actually kind of a difficult assignment as Old Town has changed since a these photos were taken and it was difficult to locate where exactly some of these pictures were taken. The hardest photo for me was the one on North Arthur because I was looking for the building in the middle which I didn’t realize had been torn down. My Mother-In-Law actually helped me figure out where this was at and I actually had to go farther back than the original photo because of Poky High and because of all the cars parked along the road.

The old photos were sourced from here:

Assignment #1: People

This is my final photo choice for this first assignment. I’ve always been interested in fashion and makeup photography and my next assignment will probably also reflect that. Alexis was very kind to be my model and as you can see, she totally killed it! My theme was black and white with accents of purple and blue with a punk rock motorcycle theme. My lighting for this shoot was one direct light and one softbox light with a white background.

Assignment #2: Panorama

This is my panorama for our second photography assignment. I had planned to do some photography work the day before but the weather was so awful that it would have been impossible. But when I looked out I just loved the flatness of the area and the early morning colors especially after such a terrific storm. This was taken in Kimberly, Idaho just outside my fathers house. I liked how far out you could though I will admit, it simultaneously makes me feel super exposed, having lived in Pocatello most of my life.

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